Grandstream HT802 & HT801 (SkyeFax Configuration)


The Grandstream HT802 is a certified & support ATA that works with SkyeFax. Please follow the steps below to configure it.

Please Note - The Grandstream HT802 and HT801 only supports 10 digit dialing (you may not dial 7 or 11 digits on the fax machine)

Update Firmware

Before getting started, please make sure you update the HT802 to the most current firmware version. To do that, navigate to "Advanced Settings" and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see a button to upload firmware:


You can download the firmware for the HT802 here:

Configuring the ATA

Modify these settings of the FXS Page 1 to configure the ATA:

Primary SIP Server:
NAT Traversal: Keep-Alive 
SIP User ID: Your SIP Credentials Username
Authenticate ID: Leave Blank
Authenticate Password: Your SIP Credentials Password
Name: Your Outbound Caller ID (in E.164 format!)
SIP Registration Failure Retry Wait Time: 30 seconds
SIP T2 Interval: 32 Seconds
Register Expiration: 2 Minutes
Allow Incoming Packets from SIP Proxy Only: Yes
Disable-Call-Waiting: Yes
Disable-Call-Waiting-Caller-ID: Yes
Disable-Call-Waiting-Tone: Yes
Jitter Buffer Type: Fixed
Jitter Buffer Length: High
Disable Line Echo Canceller (LEC): Yes
Disable Network Echo Suppressor: Yes
Dial Plan Prefix: 000077
Dial Plan: { [2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx }

Connecting the ATA to SkyeFax

Once your ATA is fully configured, navigate to the FX1 Tab:


and look for the SIP Credential settings:


Replace the fields as follows:

SIP User ID: Your SIP Credentials Username
Authenticate ID: Leave Blank
Authenticate Password: Your SIP Credentials Password
Name: Your Outbound Caller ID (in E.164 format!)

Once you have configured these fields, navigate to the bottom of the page and click "Update" and then "Apply." We then suggest you power cycle the ATA to make sure it loads all of the settings fresh. You will know your ATA is ready to go when you see that it is successfully registered on the "Status" page: 




Device Won't Register

As part of our network's security, our network will begin blocking SIP Registration attempts that happen too quickly. Due to these security measures, it is possible that an ATA gets blocked for retrying its SIP Registration too frequently while you are configuring it. 

If you have followed our guide, and the Registration Status continues to show show Not Registered, please unplug the device from power for 10 minutes and plug it back in. 


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