3CX - IP Authentication Configuration


Skyetel is proud to be a certified and preferred provider for 3CX. This makes configuring Skyetel for your 3CX PBX very easy - simply select us from the drop down list and boom... you're done!

However, we know that many of our customers prefer to use IP Authentication instead of SIP Registration. This guide walks you through how to do that. 

Switching To IP Authentication 

There are two trunks required to use 3CX with IP Authentication. The first trunk is for Inbound Calling and the second is for Outbound Calling. You can download both templates here:


Inbound Calling

Navigate to SIP Trunks, and then click "Import Provider"


Then, upload the "Skyetel IP Auth (Inbound Calling).xml" file. 


Outbound Calling

Just like before, navigate to SIP Trunks, and then click "Import Provider." From this screen, upload the Skyetel IP Auth (Outbound Calling).xml file.

Once you have added the Outbound Calling profile, navigate to "Outbound Rules" and click Add:


From here, simply specify the new Skyetel Outbound Profile as your primary destination: 



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