FreePBX Outbound Rules

Creating Outbound Routes

Once you successfully create a trunk for Skyetel, you need to configure your PBX to send calls to it. In this guide we will configure 4 Outbound routes for use with Skyetel's Network. Please have our IP List handy as you follow this guide. 

Navigate to Connectivity → Outbound Routes


Click "+ Add Outbound Route"


Add our Route Information

Route Name: Skyetel_Out
Route CID: Your Phone Number
Override Extension: No (unless you want to override the extensions Caller ID)
Route Password: Blank
Route Type: Blank
Music On Hold?: Default
Time Group: ----Permanent Route----
Route Position: First Before
Trunk Sequence for Matched Route: Add the trunks you created using our outbound priority
Optional Destination on Congestion: Normal Congestion


Dial Patterns

Skyetel will accept calls with 10 or 11 digits (we will not accept 7 digit dialing). We recommend sending us 11 digits as some of our fancy features have strict digit requirements. These are our recommend Dial Patterns:


If you intend to use Skyetel for E911, you will need to add 933 and 911 to this dial pattern:


Click Submit and Apply Config

2017-07-29_07_58_00-FreePBX_Administration.png and 2017-07-29_07_58_29-FreePBX_Administration.png

With these settings, you will be able to place and receive calls on the Skyetel Network! 

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