The Skyetel Network can enable your phone numbers for SMS and MMS. This feature allows you to send and receive a SMS or MMS from/to mobile phone networks (like Verizon or T-Mobile). 

Getting Started

You can toggle the SMS & MMS enablement from within our portal in the phone number options menu:


You will be presented with three options:


This method allows an incoming SMS or MMS to be converted to an email and sent to a specified address in our portal.

Phone Number

This method allows an incoming SMS or MMS to be forwarded to another phone number (generally a mobile phone)

Callback URL (POST or GET)

This method allows you to receive the SMS or MMS via a call from our API. Messages are sent to your provided callback URL with a JSON body that matches the fields required for sending an SMS or MMS shown below. You can expect at least tofrom, and text fields.

Once your phone number is enabled for SMS, it will appear green in our Portal:

SMS + MMS Logs

From our Portal, you can see the history of any sent or received SMS/MMS from our network:


Limitations to SMS & MMS

While our network is able to enable and process SMS and MMS for almost all of our numbers, there are a few limitations to be aware of:

Toll Free Numbers 

Our network is not currently configured to SMS enable Toll Free numbers. 

Numbers must be route-able and voice enabled 

If your phone number is never assigned to an endpoint group or never receives phone calls, the SMS enablement may be auto-disabled to prevent spam. This does not happen on ported-in numbers, only numbers purchased from our network inventory and only when they are not routed after purchase.

SMS Enablement Requires the "State" of a number to be Healthy

Our network does the legwork to prepare a number for SMS enablement as soon as it it's phone number state becomes "Healthy". This insures that we do not accidentally prepare a number for SMS prior to it actually being on our network. 

SMS Enablement can take up to 24 hours

While most SMS enablements will be instant, there are edge cases where some phone numbers take longer than others to enable. 

SMS & MMS may only be sent via our API

Our network requires you to use our API to send any SMS or MMS. 

Short Code SMS is unsupported

Our network is unable to receive short code sms messages

1 Outbound SMS/MMS per Second

All Skyetel numbers are limited to 1 SMS or MMS per second


SMTP Settings

There are no default defined SMTP settings for your account. This is required for email delivery of the vFaxes. If you do not specify SMTP settings in our portal, we will not be able to deliver SMS via email.
You can set this up by logging into your Skyetel Portal and clicking the Settings gears in the top Right ​ and then defining your SMTP parameters:


Sending an SMS or MMS through Skyetel API

SMS is sent by generating a specially-crafted request to the Skyetel SMS API and using an SID and Secret you have created for this purpose.

Generating and obtaining an SID and Secret

Skyetel allows you to create your own SID and Secret and later remove it when it is no longer used. These can be generated by visiting your Skyetel portal 

Sending a basic SMS or MMS

Here is an example of performing that request using the curl command-line tool in Linux or Unix:

curl -X POST -v \
  -H "Content-type: application/json" \
  --user <SID>:<SECRET> \
  --data '{ "to": "15558001234", "text": "You are awesome" }' \

A similar format may be used for Windows curl command-line testing:

curl -X POST -v -H "Content-type: application/json" --user <SID>:<SECRET> --data "{ \"to\": \"15558001234\", \"text\": \"You are awesome\" }"

In the to field provide your the correct 11-digit destination phonenumber; and provide you SMS-enabled source phonenumber in the from field.

Required header fields
Data Type
Example Usage
Authorization "Basic" followed by a base64 encoding of a string that includes your SID and Secret separated by a colon ':' Authorization: Basic RXhhbXBsZTpFeGFtcGxl
Content-type "application/json" is required to verify the kind of data being sent Content-type: application/json
Required fields in data
Data Type
to (required) 11-digit phonenumber "15558004242"
text (required) String up to 1024 characters "Never gonna give you up; never gonna let you down"
media (optional) One or more accessible links to media files. Maximum of 1.5 MB total. [ "", "" ]
Example SMS Message Body
  "to": "15558001234",
  "media": [ "" ]
Required URL query fields
Data Type
Example Usage
from 11-digit Skyetel message-enabled phonenumber  from=15558004321
  • Check that your SID and Secret are correct
  • Check that the your 11-digit from phone number is accurate, in a GOOD lifecycle state, and SMS-enabled
  • Check that you have a positive Skyetel balance
  • Wait up to 3 minutes especially for MMS messages that include multiple attachments
  • Check that your media attachments are not large than 1.5MB
  • Make sure your media or attachment is a supported type
  • Check that your recipient phone number is correct and able to receive messages
  • Try a separate recipient phone number
  • Open a Skyetel portal support ticket
  • Make sure your recipient supports the media attachment that you are sending
Media Files


Attachments .json



Postcards is a UI for the Skyetel SMS & MMS application that we released as an open-source project. You can read all about that here:


If you are a Textable user, they have published a Skyetel SMS configuration guide here:

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