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Faxes allows Skyetel Administrators to send calls to a Skyetel Fax server instead of routing the call (or fax) to a PBX. Faxes are delivered to the Skyetel Fax servers via T.38, and in our testing, have excellent deliverability. This solution is recommended for offices who have heavy faxing needs, but do not want to maintain a Fax server for themselves.


Because we are eating our own T.38 dog food, enabling vFax on phone numbers that are not enabled for T.38 is not supported. If you need us to make a phone number T.38 enabled that is not already, please contact our support department.  


In order to enable faxes, you need to adjust the Call Routing section to point calls to our Fax server.


By enabling Faxing on a phone number, it will overrule any Endpoint Group settings. You will see Fax enabled from the Phone Number view:


View Faxes

You can view all of your faxes within our portal here: https://login.skyetel.com/#faxes here we display all of your received faxes for the last 30 days.


From this view, you can download faxes or delete them.

Fax Email

When you enable Fax Emails, the e-mail specified will receive an email whenever a new Fax is received to that number. The email will appear like this:


SMTP Settings

There are no default defined SMTP settings for your account. This is required for email delivery of the vFaxes. If you do not specify SMTP settings in our portal, we will not be able to deliver faxes.
You can set this up by logging into your Skyetel Portal and clicking the Settings gears in the top Right inline1535828219.png​ and then defining your SMTP parameters:


While Skyetel takes pride in our Faxes service, there are a few important caveats to know.

We use our own T.38

Please check out our documentation on T.38 here: T.38

You cannot send... Yet. 

As of this writing, it is not yet possible to send faxes. This is because sending faxes is significantly more difficult than receiving and we decided against releasing an outbound fax solution until we feel confident in its deliverability. For the time being, we recommend mFax.io or a FusionPBX Fax server.

Faxes are deleted after 30 days

Just like our Call Recordings, we do not store faxes past 30 days. Once they are deleted from our network, they are permanently deleted forever. It is not possible to recover deleted faxes - so please make sure you save them when they come in (smile)

A quick note about billing

Billing for the fax system is in addition to the regular audio usage fees not in leu of. 

mFax by Documo

We understand that there are users who have very significant faxing needs and need a robust feature-set. We are happy to partner with Documo (the company behind mFax) to allow you to leverage our network, and their faxing platform. 


To use this feature, you will need to sign up for your own mFax account here: https://www.mfax.io/

You can read about our partnership here: https://skyetel.com/introducing-mfax-by-documo/

How to configure your Skyetel DID in the mFax Dashboard

Login to your mFax Dashboard and click Numbers in the navigation links:


Click on Get Numbers:


Change Provision Type to Forward:


ProTIP: If you don't see this Provision Type available in your mFax Dashboard, please contact Documo support and they can enable this for you.


Type or paste your DID from your Skyetel Dashboard in the Numbers box and click the Create Numbers button:


You will then be able to assign your Skyetel DID to an mFax Account and User.


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