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Setting up Skyetel to work with FreePBX is very straight forward. Please make sure you have our IP List handy.

chan_pjsip is the replacement for chan_sip and is being strongly encouraged by both the Asterisk team and the FreePBX team. Fortunatly, Skyetel works just as well with PJSIP as we do with Chan_Sip. 

Advanced Users

For our advanced users who are confident in their knowledge of DNS, you may also follow this guide:

While this guide is different from our recommended solutions (it relies on DNS instead of IPs) it works very well. Just make sure you have your DNS set to something bulletproof; we recommend and

Update Asterisk SIP Settings

By default, FreePBX disables your ability to update the PJSIP advanced settings upon clicking "Apply Config" after making a change to PJSIPs advanced settings. This is because doing so may result in active calls being negatively impacted (dropped). Because of this, we need to make changes to the Advanced SIP Settings for PJSIP. 

Make sure you return the Allow Reload setting back to "No" once you have finished adding Skyetel to your PBX

Step 1 - Navigate to Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings


Step 2 - Navigate to the PJSIP Tab


Step 3 - Enable "Allow Reload"


Step 4 - Save and Apply Config

First Submit your settings:


Then Apply them:


Add Skyetel Trunks

Step 1 - Navigate to the Trunks Menu

The trunk menu is under Connectivity → Trunks:


Step 2 - Add a chan_pjsip Trunk

From the Trunks menu, click the "Add Trunk" button. Then select "Add SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk:


Step 3 - Input the Trunk Information


Trunk Name - A name that identifies the region for this particular trunk
Hide CallerID - No (unless you need the caller ID to come through as hidden)
Outbound CallerID - The site's main phone number
CID Options - Allow Any CID
Maximum Channels - Leave Blank (unless you need to limit the channels for this location)
Asterisk Trunk Dial Options - Leave as default
Continue if Busy - Yes
Disable Trunk - No
Monitor Trunk Failures - No

Dialed Number Manipulation Rules:

The Skyetel Network prefers to receive calls with 11 digits. We will accept calls with 10 (but not 7), but some of our fancier features have strict digit requirements. These settings are not required - but they are strongly recommended.


PJSIP Settings:


Authentication - None
Registration - None
Language Code - Default
SIP Server - A Skyetel IP address: Skyetel IP Addresses
SIP Server Port - We recommend using 5060, but you can specify any port here so long as it matches what you put in our portal
Context - Default
Transport - Default


Most of these settings should remain the default. However, make sure your advance settings contain these configurations.


Trust RPID/PAI - Yes
Send RPID/PAI - Both
Inband Progress - No
Direct Media - No
Rewrite Contact - No
RTP Symmetric - Yes

Save and Apply

Now that your trunk is configured, you should see it in the Trunk List:


Make sure you click "Apply Config" to make the changes you just made effective:


Make sure that you add all 5 of our IPs (so you'll have to follow these steps 5 times to add all 5 IPs). This insures that your PBX always has access to one of out data centers. 

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