FreePBX (chan_sip)

Step 1 - Navigate to the Trunks Menu

The trunk menu is under Connectivity → Trunks:

Step 2 - Add a chan_sip Trunk

From the Trunks menu, click the "Add Trunk" button. Then select "Add SIP (chan_sip) Trunk:

Step 3 - Input the Trunk Information

Chan_sip is as old as Asterisk itself and uses Asterisk's conventional trunk configuration. To that end, you'll want to enter in the following:


Trunk Name: Skyetel_[Region]
Hide CallerID: No (unless you actually want to hide your Caller ID)
Outbound CallerID: The phone number you want to show when you dial out (Usually your main number)
CID Options: Allow Any CID
Maximum Channels: You can put any number here, but we reccomend limiting this to 50% of the number of extensions on the system. This will help protect you from fraud
Asterisk Trunk Dial Options: Leave to the default
Continue if Busy: Yes
Disable Trunk: No

Here's a screenshot of recommended settings:

Dialed Number Manipulation Rules:

The Skyetel Network prefers to receive calls with 11 digits. We will accept calls with 10 (but not 7), but some of our fancier features have strict digit requirements. These settings are not required - but they are strongly recommended.

SIP Settings:

For Outgoing:

Trunk Name: Skyetel_[Region] - (So if this trunk is for our NW region, you'd name this trunk Skyetel_NW). Here's our IP List in case you need it again.
PEER Details:

PEER Details

Please make sure you put our IP in the Host section

For Incoming: 

Blank out all fields - Skyetel does not use registration to authenticate your PBX

Save and Apply

Now that your trunk is configured, you should see it in the Trunk List:

Make sure you click "Apply Config" to make the changes you just made effective:


Make sure that you add all 5 of our IPs (so you'll have to follow these steps 5 times to add all 5 IPs). This insures that your PBX always has access to one of out data centers. 


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