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The Skyetel Tenant Portal is designed to allow for you to share your Skyetel assets with your end users. From this portal, end users can access their phone numbers, view the enabled features for those phone numbers (Like Spam Filtering and e911), download their call recordings, faxes and transcriptions. We have envisioned it to be a one stop shop for all the things that end users need to interact with.

In the initial release, the Skyetel Tenant Portal is read only. This means that end users can not make changes to the settings on their phone numbers, submit port requests, or change how their phone number is routed. This is intentional; we do not want your end users to be able to impact billable services without you knowing. However - we do plan on introducing a permission set that will allow end users to make changes to their settings (though new users will remain Read Only by default). The only exception to this is the Caller ID editor; end users may update their Caller ID via the Tenant Portal since that is free  .

The Tenant Portal is currently in Alpha, and is under active development. This means that there will be bugs, and this guide will change regularly. At the current time, access to the Tenant Portal feature is offered on an invite-only basis to customers enrolled in our Tenant Invite group.


Getting Started

To get started using the Tenant Portal, you will need to configure your branding settings and create your Tenant Users


Configuring Branding & White Labeling

In the settings menu, you will find a new “Whitelabel” tab where you can enter in all of your information:


From these settings, our Tenant Portal will generate a completely branded portal that uses your own assets and font styles. Please make sure you fill this information out completely so that we have as much information as possible to generate a pretty interface


DNS Settings

In order to configure the Tenant Portal to use your URL, you will need to create the following DNS record:

Record Type


Record Destination







We recommend creating the DNS setting prior to configuring it in the Skyetel portal as this will expedite the SSL Certificate generation.

It may take up to 4 hours for all the DNS settings, SSL Certificate and Tenant Portal provisioning settings to become effective.


Service Unavailable

If you load the Tenant Portal and see this message:


This means that there is a misconfiguration in your DNS whitelabel settings. Please double check to make sure that your DNS records match the “Tenant Portal URL” setting exactly and that you have cleared out all your cache. Changes to the Tenant Portal’s DNS settings require a new SSL certificate and will create a delay in the length of time it takes for the portal to become available.


Tenant Users

After you have established your branding settings, you will need to create a user. This can be done from the “Users” subsection under the Tenants menu:


From here, you will create the user by providing their email address, assigning them a password, and then associating them with one of your tenants:


Many of our customers have asked us if we ever directly contact these users - the answer is absolutely not. There is no circumstance under which we will ever directly contact your users without your knowledge and consent. This information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared to any third parties other than the authentication system.


Authentication (Auth0)

Skyetel is in the process of migrating its Authentication systems over to Auth0 (https://auth0.com). As part of this migration, we have decided to make the Tenant Portal the first in-production use of Auth0. When your customers log into the Tenant Portal, they will be temporarily redirected to a login screen that lacks your branding after clicking the login button. Additionally, the URL the user will see will be “https://auth.authengine.io” in the URL of their browser. This is expected behavior. We recognize that this is not ideal; but this is a limitation of using Auth0 and is well worth the trade off, we promise  .


Tenant UI



The Tenant Dashboard has 6 blocks that change color based upon what settings are enabled and which ones are disabled.







Voicemail Transcription

A voicemail has been transcribed within the current month using the Tenant’s Voicemail Transcription credentials

Dashboard block will be Green, and will count how many voicemails have been transcribed

Spam Prevention

All numbers associated with the Tenant have Spam Filtering enabled

Dashboard block will be Green and will count how many numbers have been checked


All numbers associated with the Tenant have SMS + MMS enabled

Dashboard block will be Green and will count how many numbers have sent/received an SMS or MMS

Caller ID

All numbers associated with the Tenant have Caller ID enabled

Dashboard block will be Green and will count how many Caller IDs have been checked


One or more numbers associated with the Tenant have e911 enabled

Dashboard block will be Green


One or more numbers associated with the Tenant have vFax enabled

Dashboard block will be Green


What is coming

The Tenant Portal is a feature we are very excited about, and one where we plan on investing significant resources.

While we cannot provide a more specific timetable for the below features, this is what is on our roadmap for 2019 and 2020:

Sending Faxes

We will allow your end users to be able to send an outbound fax via our portal.

Port In Requests

We plan on allowing your end users to submit a port request directly to us through the Tenant Portal

Editable Permissions

This feature will let your users edit some of the settings on their phone numbers. Things like toggling Caller ID, Spam Filtering, etc will be a configurable setting to users who have been provided adequate permissions.

Tenant Billing

Yes - this is a biggie. We understand that billing in this industry is very challenging. We plan on introducing a mechanism that allows you to effectively bill your customers through the Tenant Portal via Stripe.

Tenant Taxes

This will come after Tenant billing; we will be partnering with a tax compliance company in order to automate the handling of all of your Tenant Billing Taxes.

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