Skyetel's 4th Region


In 2019, we launched our 4th Region. Located on Montreal, our 4th Region allows us to further expand our redundancy while also allowing us to provide support for end-to-end Canadian routing. In May of 2020, we are going to be updating our gateways to begin using our 4th region for all traffic. 

The IP of our new region is and you may use as a supported DNS method if you want to configure your PBXs early. All of our IPs can be found here

This will allow us to provide you support prior to us making our route changes. 


Outbound Calling

Skyetel will update our DNS A Record to include our 4th Region on May 10th, 2020.

For almost all users, this will be a completely transparent change. Your Firewalls should still NAT outbound calling normally, and you will not need to make any additional changes. If you have a very complicated Firewall rule-set, please insure you have updated it to include support for our new region.

This change will impact FusionPBX, FreePBX, and VitalPBX, along with other devices that use our routing.

Inbound Calling

We will begin routing inbound calling through our 4th region in two stages.

Step 1 - SRV Records

We will update our and records to include our 4th region on June 1st, 2020. For PBXs that are using our SRV record for both inbound & inbound routing (for Example, 3CX and VitalPBX), this will configure your PBX for both inbound and outbound calling simultaneously.

During this period, we will NOT send inbound calls through the 4th gateway. 

Step 2 - Routing Table Update

On June 15th, 2020 we will begin the process of handling inbound calls through our 4th region. This process will take us several weeks, as we have to work with all our PSTN gateways to update their routing tables. Once we begin this process, it will not be possible for us to postpone or delay the completion of this update.

PBXs With Special Instructions

Avaya PBXs

Avaya PBXs route using static IPs set in their configuration. This means that you will need to manually modify each PBX to include our 4th region as soon as possible. We recommend using our srv ( or in place of our static IPs if possible provided you are on a recent version of IP Office. 


For users with 3CX, we recommend only using the new DNS record to test your configuration. Once you have verified that your PBX is working correctly through 4 regions, please revert back to While should work as a permanent change, Skyetel and 3CX worked together to insure that was configured to deliver the best possible experience for our 3CX users. 

Verify Your Configuration

You may use as a supported DNS method if you want to configure your PBXs early.

Our Endpoint's Health page has been updated to show our 4th region. If you see 3 green dots, followed by a red dot, your PBX needs to be updated:


If your Endpoint's Health page shows your PBX has all 4 dots green, you likely do not need to do any additional configurations:


What to do if you need more time

Skyetel has the ability to route your calls through only a subset of our regions. This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled by following this guide:

By enabling this feature, we will send all calls through the 3 healthy regions while you work to configure your PBX.


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