FreePBX (chan_pjsip) using SRV

Configuring Your PBX

So in order to receive calls, you need to either setup a bunch of SIP trunks for each of their IP addresses, or you use PJSIP as this was designed for multiple contacts.

Click Add Trunk and choose chan_pjsip

Fill out the general info appropriately

Move to the pjsip Settings tab.
Select none for both authenticaiton and registration.
Set the SIP server to
The port is 5060
The context is from-pstn-e164-us to strip the +1 from inbound NANPA CID. International CID still show correctly.

Hit the Advanced tab and scroll down to Match Permit
Enter this list of IP addresses:,,,,

Also on the Advanced tab, you need to change Trust RPID/PAI form No to Yes. As well as change Send RPID/Pai form No to Both.

Finally hit the Codecs tab and select the codecs you want to use.
Skyetel supports g722, so it is good to enable for high quality audio.

Now log into your @Skyetel account, select your phone number(s), and click edit.

Right on the General tab you will see SIP Format.


Click on the drop down and change it to +1NXXNXXXXXX and click save.


Thanks Jared

The above guide was generously written by Jared B. We are very grateful for him writing this. You can see the source of this guide here.


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