Vodia PBX - Legacy Guide

Adding Skyetel Trunk to Vodia PBX

Current versions of Vodia PBX now include a Skyetel template. Please refer to the guide shared here. This guide remains strictly for legacy purposes.

Create a Trunk


After logging into your Vodia PBX, select the domain of the customer.

Select Trunks, SIP Trunks. 

Click the Add button.



 From the Provider drop-down select Other.



Change Type to No Registration

Give your SIP Trunk a Name, in this case Skyetel SIP Trunk

Outbound Proxy Address is na.skyetel.com

ProTip: a few users having difficulty with outbound calling noted specifying port 5060 explicitly in the proxy resolved their trouble.

Leave blank username (for registration) and password

Add your Skyetel DID formatted as 1NXXNXXXXXX



Leave default



Under Registrations populate the Display name with the name of your Trunk.

Add your Skyetel DID number in the Account field.  

Add na.skyetel.com to the Domain field.


Leave default



Select how you want to display the From SIP Header so the correct ANI will be displayed.

In most cases use Trunk ANI.  Test each one to see the results.


Leave default


Leave default.


Adding Dial Plan using Skyetel


Select Trunks, Dial Plans

Select the Default dial plan


Add Pref (trunk priority).  In this case 100 was chosen.

Trunk is selected as Skyetel SIP Trunk

Pattern should contain *

Select the question mark next to Edit Dial Plan for additional dial plan settings.


-Thanks to user Clif for the contribution of this guide!


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