Multi-Tenant Endpoint - VodiaPBX - Legacy Guide


Current versions of Vodia PBX now include a Skyetel template that also account for Tenant use. Please refer to the guide shared here. This guide remains strictly for legacy purposes.

Using Skyetel as a Global SIP Trunk in multi-tenant VodiaPBX will require a modification to the Customer specific header on the trunk in order for calls to be billed to the correct Skyetel tenant. 


Follow these quick steps:

Navigate to your Skyetel SIP Trunk.

Find Customer specific head in the Number/Call Identification section.

Add this line of text and then save:


Close Up:


The Account ID on your Skyetel tenant needs to match the customer domain you’ve set up in VodiaPBX.

You may export your Skyetel CDRs to verify the correct Tenant ID is now associated with the call record.



-Thanks to user Clif for the contribution of this guide!

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