3CX - Certified Configuration


Skyetel is proud to be a preferred SIP Trunk Provider for 3CX, and fully supported by 3CX Hosted.

This guide will walk you through selecting Skyetel as a SIP Trunk Provider with 3CX using the preferred template that has been verified by 3CX.

Step 1 - Create Your Credentials

You can create your credentials by navigating to SIP Registration under Endpoints:


From here, click "Add Credential"


Follow the on screen steps, and you will be given you set of credentials:


Make sure you save these, it is not possible to retrieve them later.

Step 2 - Configure 3CX

Create the Skyetel SIP Trunk

Navigate to SIP Trunks, and click Add SIP Trunk:


Then select Skyetel (Skyetel is in both Canada and the United States):


Configure SIP Registration

Simply set the credentials you created earlier, and click save.


Step 3 - Confirm You Registered

You'll know your PBX is ready to go when you see that 3CX has successfully registered:


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