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Skyetel is proud to be a preferred SIP Trunk Provider for 3CX, and fully supported by 3CX Hosted.

You may view the most current 3CX guide directly on their website at this link.


This guide will walk you through selecting Skyetel as a SIP Trunk Provider with 3CX using the preferred template that has been verified by 3CX.


Create your SIP Trunk

Navigate to the “SIP Registration” tab and select the “SIP Credentials” option.

pasted_image_0.pngClick the “+Add Credentials” option and give it a description.


Choose your “Routing Method”:  Route using the username.



Take a note of the username and passwords, they will not become visible again.

The next screen will contain your Username and password so make a note of them as you will need them later on and the password will not become visible again.


Assign phone numbers

Now’s the time to buy some phone numbers and assign them to your trunk.

Navigate to the “Phone Numbers” tab and click the “Buy Phone Numbers” option. From there you can search and buy new numbers.

pasted_image_2.pngSelect the “Local Numbers” option, locate the number you want, enter the estimated Minutes Of Use (MOU) and click on “Buy”. Note: MOU number is not binding.


Your newly purchased number may temporarily have an alert state. Go to the “Settings” and navigate to “General”.

Under the “Call Routing” menu select the “SIP Credentials” option.

The “SIP Credentials” menu will appear, from the drop-down menu choose the PBX you created previously.   

Set the SIP format to “+1NPANXXXXXX”

Press “Save” to save your settings and do the same for all the numbers you want to assign to your trunk.


Configuring your SIP Trunk with 3CX

The next step is to configure your SIP Trunk in 3CX.

3CX StartUP users

If you are using 3CX StartUP:

    Login to the 3CX Web Client, go to the Office Settings

    Navigate to the Voice and Chat page

    Select Add Trunk

    Enter SIP Trunk ID and Password


See complete instructions in the 3CX Startup Guide.


3CX Dedicated (PRO and ENT) Users

Go to the 3CX Management console and follow the guide how to configure a SIP trunk.


ProTip: Per 3CX specifications, All DIDs must conform to E.164 SIP Format. For example +13609865200

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