Inbound Calling

  1. Log into Fusion PBX as a superadmin
  2. Navigate to Advanced → Access Controls
  3. Click domains

  4. Fill in all of our IPs into the FusionPBX ACL. When you are done, it will look like this:
  5. Click Save. 

Now we need to tell Fusion to reload the ACL so your PBX can authenticate to our network

  1. Navigate to Status → SIP Status
  2. Click "RELOAD ACL" in the top right corner (if your FusionPBX is in a cluster, you'll need to do this for all devices in the cluster)Screen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_8.36.36_AM.png

Outbound Calling

  1. Log into Fusion PBX
  2. Navigate to Accounts → Gateways


  3. Click the little plus sign in the top right corner to create a new gateway


  4. Enter in the following Configurations:

    Gateway: Skyetel
    Username: Blank
    Password: Blank
    Proxy: out.skyetel.com
    Expire Seconds: 800
    Register: False
    Retry Seconds: 30
    Caller ID in From: True
    Suppress CNG: True
    Sip CID Type: pid
    Extension in Contact: False
    Ping: 30
    Domain: Global
    Context: public
    Profile: Internal
    Enabled: true

  5. Click Save, and then start the gateway:

You may want to reload Freeswitch once you have added our trunks. You can do that by navigating to Status → Sip Status and clicking "RESCAN" on sofia status profile internal. 

Thats it! You now can add our Trunks to your routes.


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