Skyetel is proud to be a recommended provider for FusionPBX. Because of this, we are incredibly easy to setup. 

Adding Skyetel to FusionPBX 4.4 and Up

Adding Skyetel to FusionPBX 4.4 couldn't be easier. Simply navigate to Accounts → Providers


Then click "Setup" under our profile. 



It really is that easy. Now all you have to do is add your PBX's IP to an endpoint group, and you can start placing and receiving calls. 

Missing the Providers App?

Unfortunately, FusionPBX decided to end our partnership in the beginning of 2020 and removed the Skyetel one-click configuration. You can follow this guide to re-install it:


Adding Skyetel to FusionPBX 4.2 and Below

Add Skyetel to your ACL

  1. Log into Fusion PBX as a superadmin
  2. Navigate to Advanced → Access Controls
  3. Click domains

  4. Click the + button on the right hand side

  5. Add a new Allow IP
    1. Type = Allow
    2. CIDR = ouripaddress/32 (Here's our IP List: Skyetel IP Addresses)
    3. Domain = Blank
    4. Description = Skyetel
  6. Repeat these steps for all of our IP Addresses. 

Now we need to tell Fusion to reload the ACL so your PBX can authenticate to our network

  1. Navigate to Status → SIP Status
  2. Click "RELOAD ACL" in the top right corner (if your FusionPBX is in a cluster, you'll need to do this for all devices in the cluster)


Creating Trunks for Skyetel

  1. Log into Fusion PBX
  2. Navigate to Accounts → Gateways


  3. Click the little plus sign in the top right corner to create a new gateway


  4. Enter in the following Configurations:
    1. Gateway: Name for your trunk
    2. Username: Blank
    3. Password: Blank
    4. Proxy: Skyetel IP Address - you can find them here: Skyetel IP Addresses
    5. Expire Seconds: 800
    6. Register: False
    7. Retry Seconds: 30
    8. Caller ID in From: True
    9. Suppress CNG: True
    10. Sip CID Type: pid
    11. Extension in Contact: False
    12. Ping: 30
    13. Channels: 0
    14. Domain: Global
    15. Context public
    16. Profile: Internal
    17. Enabled: true



  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat these steps for each IP listed in our IP List.

You may want to reload Freeswitch once you have added our trunks. You can do that by navigating to Status → Sip Status and clicking "RESCAN" on sofia status profile internal. 

Thats it! You now can add our Trunks to your routes.


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