Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series


This configuration guide applies to the Samsung OfficeServ 7030, 7100, 7200s, 7200, and 7400 systems.


Please note, users of this PBX have reported back to us the recommendation to clear all other trunks or reset the PBX prior to this configuration.

Required system resources:

The system must be licensed for the number of SIP trunks that corresponds to your desired maximum concurrent calls.

The system must also be licensed for and appropriate number of MGI Channels.

Embedded only in the case of the 7030, a combination of embedded and hardware based with the 7100 and 7200s, or hardware based with the 7200 and 7400.

Applicable MMC for this application are:

2.1.4 License Key

5.2.13 SIP Carrier Options (MMC 837)

First confirm you have the appropriate licensing for your system: 2.1.4


Next Configure the Sip Carrier Options. 5.2.13

The required fields for an IP based SIP trunk configuration are

SIP Carrier Name: this can be whatever you like, though for simplicity making it the name of the provider is recommended

SIP Server Enable: Choose “Enable” from the Drop down

Registra Port: Unless provider Support says otherwise, use the default 5060

Outbound Proxy: Use  (srv is not supported)

Outbound Port: Again, unless provider Support says otherwise, use the default 5060

DNS Server 1 and 2: Use a stable DNS server. (ie, or

Alive Notify: Choose “Options” from the drop down. It is the default so may already be there.

Supplementary Type: Choose “Server Managed” from the drop down



 All the other settings can be left at the default. Once you save the entries, the “Sip Service Available” field should turn to “YES”.

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