Wildix with SIP Registration

Getting Started

Each trunk is displayed in WMS -> Trunks in the corresponding section (SIP) with real time registration status.

SIP trunks must be added manually. To add a SIP trunk, click “+” icon below the SIP trunk table.

Each trunk is displayed in the corresponding section of the page with the following information:

  • Country code
  • SIP registration status (outgoing or incoming, depending on the SIP trunk configuration):
    • Green: trunk is registered
    • Grey: trunk is not registered


SIP Trunk Settings

Wildix features numerous parameters, but we will only address those pertinent to your Skyetel connection with recommended settings below:

  • Title: Enter a description of the trunk
  • Trunk name: Enter a trunk name
  • Auth Login: Enter your Username. You can view your SIP Credentials in the "SIP Credentials" view in the Endpoints section of our portal.
  • Address or Host Name: reg.skyetel.com

Note: reg.skyetel.com is an SRV record. This is supported by Wildix, but if you are having difficulty implementing with this, you may alternatively setup trunks for nw1.reg.skyetel.com and se1.reg.skyetel.com.

  • Password: Password for SIP authentication. When you create a new set of SIP Credentials, our network will automatically create a Username and Password for you. The password will only be displayed at the time of creation in the Portal, so please note this down.
  • Keep-Alive: YES
  • Enable registration: YES


  • Advanced
    • Audio codecs: ulaw
    • T38: YES
    • Incoming CID: p-asserted-identity,from
    • Show original caller number: YES
    • Support Refer and Hold: YES
    • Session Timer: YES (min 90, max 300. Adjust to fit your needs)
    • Rport: INVITE
    • Registration Expiry (sec): 120 seconds
    • Transport: UDP
    • DTMF mode: rfc2833



Pro Tip: Ensure your selected SIP Format on your Skyetel DIDs matches how you have your DIDs entered in your Wildix Dialplan.

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