Tenant Data and Your Privacy


We know your customer list are extremely sensitive and confidential parts of your business. With the release of our Tenant Billing feature, we want to provide you with information about what data we need from you about your Tenant and why we need it. 

Please note - Tenant Data is protected under our Terms of Service (which contain a Confidentiality Agreement) along with our Privacy Policy and CPNI policy. The bottom line is that we protect this information fiercely and it is not shared with anyone outside of Skyetel for any reason. We do not and will never sell this information, nor will we ever share this with any third parties. Also - we will never ever contact your Tenant for any reason. 

Tenant Data

In order for Skyetel to accurate generate an invoice on your behalf, the information you provide to us about your Tenant needs to be complete and accurate. For example - you will need to provide us the full name of your Tenant, their address, phone number, etc in order for us to generate an invoice. We use this information as outlined below. 

Tenant Name - we use this to help you identify your Tenants in our portal, and to also sync this information with Stripe. The Tenant Name in Skyetel is mapped to Stripes Customer Description. In this way, when a customer receives an invoice, it is addressed to the correct name. 

Tenant Phone Number - we use this information to also map to Stripe. The Tenant Phone Number is mapped to the Customer Phone Number.

Tenant Billing Email - we use this information to tell Stripe where to send your invoices and is mapped to Stripe's Customer "Account email"

Tenant Contact Name - we map this information to the "Name" associated with a Stripe Customer

Tenant Contact Phone Number - we map this information to the Stripe Customer Phone Number

Tenant Address - This is a very important piece of information. We use this information to map to the Stripe Customer, but also to help identify the taxes your End User should be charged. In cases where the ZIP provided to us is invalid, we use this information to true it up. 

Tenant Billing ZIP - This is the most important part of Tenant Billing; we use this information to calculate the taxes owed by your end user. 

Tenant Account.ID - This is not shared outside of Skyetel - we use this information to map your CDRs to your Tenant. 

Tenant Billing Data - We use this information to process your invoices in Stripe. Once the information is pushed to Stripe, we only use this information in order to provide you with the Monthly Tax reports needed for Tax Remittance. 

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