SMS Content Policy


Skyetel maintains a strict anti-spam network, and enforces these policies with that in mind. Please keep in mind that violation of these polices are a violation of our Terms of Service, and may result in your account be suspended and additional penalties. 

Opt-In Requirement

When you send an outbound SMS or MMS to a consumer, you must have crystal clear permission from them that you are allowed to text them. This Opt-In must be in writing, and be in place prior to sending them their first message. You may not ask for permission to text a consumer by sending them a SMS message.

As a clarification, you do not necessarily need to have a formal document signed by the recipient. Approved terms of service, language in a service contract, or even an approval in an email is considered sufficient. The purpose of this opt-in requirement is simply to insure that unsolicited text messages are not being sent to end users.

Restricted Messaging Content

The following table outlines the types of SMS content that are forbidden to be sent on the Skyetel Network. Violation of this may cause a $10,000 fine (per sent message) from the recipient wireless carrier. 


Category   Examples
High-risk financial services   Payday loans
  Short term high-interest loans
  Third-party auto loans
  Third-party mortgage loans
  Student loans
Third-party lead generation services   Companies that buy, sell, or share consumer information.
Debt collection or forgiveness   Third-party debt collection
  Debt consolidation
  Debt reduction
  Credit repair programs
“Get rich quick” schemes   Work-from-home programs
  Risk investment opportunities
  Pyramid schemes
Illegal substances   Cannabis (United States)
  CBD (United States)
  Prescription drugs
Gambling   Casino apps
  Gambling websites
"S.H.A.F.T."    Sex
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