Grandstream HT812 & 802 & 801


The Grandstream HT802 is a certified & support ATA that works with SkyeFax (T.38). Please follow the steps below to configure it. Please Note - The Grandstream devices only support 10 digit dialing (you may not dial 7 or 11 digits on the fax machine)

In order to use Grandstream devices on SkyeFax (T.38), you need to have a free GDMS account

Update Firmware

Before getting started, please make sure you update the HT802 to the most current firmware version. To do that, navigate to "Advanced Settings" and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see a button to upload firmware:


You can download the firmware for the HT802 here:

ATA Configuration Templates

In order to use SkyeFax (T.38) with a Grandstream ATA, you will need a free GDMS account. Once you have that, you can download these templates:

Grandstream HT802

Grandstream HT812

Grandstream HT801

Adding the Templates to GDMS

Navigate to and click "Add Model Template." Then you will see this dialogue: 


From here, specify a Name and the model of your Grandstream device. Then upload the template of the ATA you would like to use. 

Connecting the ATA to SkyeFax (T.38)

Create SIP Server

Now we need to connect this ATA to SkyeFax (T.38). First, make sure you have added SkyeFax (T.38) as a SIP Server here. If not, simply click "Add Server" and use these settings:


When done, you will see SkyeFax (T.38) on your server list:


Authenticating the ATA

(You will need to create your Username and Password for your ATA here to continue)

Now that you have the Model and SIP Server created, you will need to add your SkyeFax (T.38) Credentials to GDMS. To do that, navigate here: and click "Add Account."

You must use these settings exactly:


When done, you will see your credentials in GDMS:


Adding the Device

Now, navigate to and add your Grandstream device. 


Then you'll see your device in the list:


(this can take a few minutes while the ATA connects to the GDMS system).

Connecting the Device to SkyeFax (T.38)

Once it is online, click here to add your credentials:


and select which FXS port you want to use:


Once this is done, in about 60 seconds you will see your ATA online and with an account status of Normal (during the 60 seconds, it will appear as abnormal):


Thats it. You are now ready to use SkyeFax (T.38).


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