Cisco SPA 112 ATA (SkyeFax T.38 Configuration)


The Cisco SPA 112 ATA is a legend. Well known and trusted for its resiliency, it has earned our trust as our primarily recommended ATA for SkyeFax (T.38). Please note - this guide is only for use with our SkyeFax (T.38) service. Do not follow this guide if you need to use your ATA for Voice Calls.

Provisioning The ATA

Update Firmware

Prior to deploying the ATA, make sure you are on the most up-to-date firmware. We made a direct download link for you here: 

Once you have downloaded the file, head over to Administration -> Firmware upgrade and perform a firmware update. 


The ATA will reboot a few times and will not be available for about 5-10 minutes. Once that completes, you can configure the ATA.

Configuring The ATA

The Cisco ATA has quite a few settings that need to be updated for production use. The fastest way to configure them is to simply input our pre-configured config file. This will autoconfigure the ATA for you and you'll be off to the races. 

To do this, navigate to Voice -> Provisioning, and input the following Profile Rule:

(Please make sure you use http and not https. The Cisco's do not support modern HTTPS encryption)


Then click Submit. The ATA will reboot and be unavailable for a few minutes while it auto-configures.

Automating Firmware & Configuration

If you want to automate the firmware update and configuration, you can use this profile rule:

This process will cause the ATA to be unavailable for about 15-20 mins while it does all the firmware updates and configurations. Furthermore, you can configure the ATA without logging into the UI by simply typing this into your browser:


Registering the ATA

To Register the ATA after it has been provisioned, head over to Voice -> Line 1. Scroll down until you see the "Subscriber Information" section:


Replace these fields with the following:

Display Name - Caller ID (Name)
User ID - Outbound Caller ID in E.164 Format
Auth ID - SIP Credential Username
Password - SIP Credential Password


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