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Porting phone numbers is one of the most infamously difficult challenges in the telecom industry. We take pride in having a very well trained LNP team that make porting as smooth as possible - but the more closely you follow this guide, the smoother the poring process will be. 

Filing a Successful Port

You begin the porting process when you complete this form:https://login.skyetel.com/#port-orders/new

**Due to the technical differences between Toll Free numbers and Local Numbers, our Port In form will require you to submit those separately. 

Pro Tips

  1. The more information you provide us about the port, the better.  
  2. When porting from Google Voice, please unlock your phone number using this guide: https://support.google.com/voice/answer/1065667#xferout
  3. Please do not provide your own LOA in the Phone Bill section. While those are required for your records, we do not need them to file the port.
  4. Please submit the most current copy of the bill - Losing providers can be sticklers (because they don't want to lose you), and can reject/delay your port if the bill is older than 30 days

Make Sure You Configure Your Endpoint!

Make sure that you fully test and configure your endpoint before submitting a port request. If your numbers port in, and your endpoint is not configured to receive calls, your numbers will go out of service when the port completes. 

Timing & FOC dates

One of the most common questions our LNP team get asked is how quickly ports usually happen. There is no easy answer to this question. Some carriers are very easy to port numbers away from while others are very difficult. On average, we generally expect a smooth port to take 7-10 business days. Difficult ports can take up to a month or more. This is especially true of numbers being ported in Canada. Our northern friends do everything in their power to keep their numbers for as long as possible. 

In order to keep the porting process as smooth as possible, Skyetel's LNP team will automatically request a FOC date of 10 days in the future.  This delay allows us to insure that the Port goes as smooth as possible

Porting Terms Explained

When filing a Port Request with Skyetel, you will be required to agree to the following terms. Please read these carefully (smile)

  • There may be a fee associated with my port in request. 

You can find the rates for porting on the rates and fees page in our portal. Please note we charge for porting fees upon submission, not upon completion. 

  • Port in fees are not refundable.

If you need to cancel your port order, we do not refund the port in fees. 

  • The information provided above is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • FOC Date changes may only be done once and must be requested two or more business days prior to the FOC date.

In order to insure that your port goes smoothly, we restrict how many times you may make changes to you FOC date. This is to prevent accidental porting. 

  • Port requests may not be cancelled on their FOC date.

Because so many parties have to be in sync to complete a port, we do not allow you to cancel a port request on the FOC date

  • Any ports that are cancelled within two business days of their FOC date incur a $100 fee per number.

When you do a last minute cancellation, it is very possible that the phone number(s) you are trying to port will be taken out of service and deleted from the losing service providers routing. Some larger carriers, or carriers that use TDM or non-SIP provisioning, will also close the account when the numbers are ported out. When this happens, it takes many hours for our teams, and the losing service provider's teams to restore the number back into service. In these cases, we are charged Port Cancellation fees and labor fees, penalties, etc.

  • Any phone numbers that are snapped back or slammed will incur a $300 fee per number.

You can read about number slamming here: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/slamming-switching-your-authorized-telephone-company-without-permission

  • I want a Port-Out protection PIN added to my numbers (where possible) to protect them from unauthorized Port-Out requests.

This protects people from accidentally (or intentionally) porting away one of your phone numbers. Read more about Port-Out requests here.

  • Once your number finishes porting, usage and feature costs will begin billing immediately.

Porting Promo Codes

From time to time, Skyetel will extend promotional Promo Codes to our customers. These Promo Codes allow for free porting for a period of time (typically 60 days).

If you submit a port and it does not have a Promo Code, we will not be able to refund your account later. Please do not forget to include your promo code 

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