Port Out Rejections


The Skyetel Port Out system is fully automated, and does not require manual intervention with Skyetel's LNP team. Because this system is automated, we email our customers a copy of the port out rejection reason so that they may work with the gaining carrier directly without needing to loop in Skyetel's LNP team. You may use this guide to have a reference for what the rejection reasons are, and why they happened. 

Rejection Reasons

Requested FOC date cannot be on holiday or weekend

Skyetel does not support porting a phone number off our network during a period where Skyetel's LNP team is unavailable. This is for our customer's protection - we do not want to have a number go out of service for a extended period of time due to a translation error while our team is on vacation.

Minimum requested FOC date is 10 days

Skyetel requires 10 days processing time for Port Out requests. This is the same minimum we require for Port In requests. 

Invalid account_number/pin_number

This is the most common rejection reason. We require the Skyetel account number & security PIN to match your account exactly. If this combination fails, we will reject the order. 

Please note - Skyetel is the only carrier we know of that does not off-shore its LNP team. Thus, it is very common for gaining carrier's LNP processing teams to have large language barriers, confusing processing layers, or other deficiencies that may cause this rejection to happen frequently. 

Max of 1000 numbers allowed

Skyetel only allows 1000 numbers to be ported off our network at a time. In order to port more than 1000 numbers, multiple orders need to be created. 

Number already exists in pending port out: {number}

If a number is already pending a port out, it is not possible to port it until that order completes. 

Duplicate number in port out: {number}

If a number is duplicated in our port out tool, we will reject it for duplicates. 

Number(s) not found: {numbers}

If a request to port a number includes a number that is not on our network, we will reject the entire order.

Failed to create port out

This error usually means our system had a glitch, and the order needs to be resubmitted.


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