Tenant Statements


Tenant Statements is a feature that lets you break out how much any particular Tenant is costing and which of our services they are using. In addition to be a useful report, we treat the data we display here as the foundation for all of the features surrounding tenants. 


At the end of each month, we generate a summary of all of our Tenant's usage on our network. This process may take a while - about 24-48 hours to complete. 

Please Note - We use the UTC timezone for all reporting (because that is what we use network-wide) and not your local timezone. Because of this difference, there will be a small difference between what your PBX indicates the usage was and what their usage was on our network. 


Not all of our features are available in Tenants

The following features are not calculated in Tenant Statements:

  1. Voicemail Transcription (we are working to include this in a future update)
  2. Phone Number Purchases
  3. Phone Number Port In
  4. Surcharges
  5. Port Out Fees

Tenant Statements are in Arrears

The data displayed in Tenant Statements are for the previous month. It is not possible to retrieve current month data

Tenant Statements generate slowly

Tenant Statements get queued behind our regular account statements. This means that it may take up to 48 hours for Tenant Statements to become available

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