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By default, our 3CX template sends outbound phone calls using the US standard for Caller ID. This means we do not send the Caller’s name, only the phone number. However, our northern neighbors (Canada!) do not use the US standard, and need to send the outbound Caller ID name along with the phone number. This guide will walk you through how to do this on our network.


Configuring 3CX for Outbound CNAM

Numerical Outbound Caller ID

The Outbound Caller ID is taken from the Extension settings:

Location → Extensions → Extension → General (tab) → User Information (section) → Outbound Caller ID.


If this field is empty, then 3CX will check the SIP Trunk settings → “Caller ID” tab → “Outbound Caller ID” field.

If this field is also empty, the 3CX will use the Main Trunk Number that is configured in the “General” tab of the SIP Trunk settings.

If an endpoint registered to 3CX uses the anonymous dial code to make an outbound call, this variable will be populated with value “anonymous”.


Text Outbound Caller ID

Navigate to the Skyetel SIP Trunk and edit the settings:


From there, navigate to Outbound Parameters


And change the setting From : Display Name to "CallerName" caller's name (default: From->display name)


Then scroll up and save your settings


Thats it! Now your outbound calls will use the Name shown in the user’s extension settings.


Alternative configuration

The below has not been tested by Skyetel Support, but has been reported by Skyetel Users to be used successfully for globally sending a Company or Custom name for Outbound Caller ID.

Perform the following within 3CX:

SIP Trunks > Select Trunk > Outbound Parameters > From : Display Name > Custom
Enter the desired Display Name in CAPS, up to 15 Characters including spaces, no special characters. 



If you have no success with the above, then locate and enable P-Asserted Identity: Display Name in 3CX’s configurable SIP fields.

For best results, we recommend populating the From and the P-Asserted-Identity with the correct Caller ID. You will know you are being successful when you see this in the INVITE packets you send us:


In cases where your PBX is not successful in sending a P-Asserted-Identity, we will automatically take the information provided in the From and populate the P-Asserted-Identity for you. However, if you send a P-Asserted-Identity without Caller ID information, we will not overwrite it with data from the From.

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