Inbound Caller ID


Caller ID is a tool that allows a user's desk phone to display the name of the party that is calling. Caller ID is one of the oldest "features" in Telecom, and has become a must-have for most end users. 

Inbound Caller ID

How our Caller ID Data works

Skyetel's Caller ID system retrieves data from two sources:

  1. The calling party's own self-identification (If it is provided) - This is the standard system for Caller ID in Canada
  2. CNAM Dips in one of the largest databases for Caller ID data - This is the standard system for Caller ID in the USA

Because it is possible to receive information from two places, we had to establish which data to trust as being the most trustworthy. In cases where Skyetel is able to retrieve the Caller ID data from the calling party, we do not perform a CNAM DIP, and we present their data to you as the Caller ID. This is because we trust that the calling party will accurately provide self identification over the third and fourth party data sources we can retrieve in a CNAM Dip. In cases where the calling party does not allow us to retrieve their information, we will perform a CNAM Dip and provide that information to you. 

If you do not have Caller ID Lookup enabled, no information will be provided except for the phone number of the party calling you. 

Enabling Caller ID Lookup

To enable Caller ID Lookup, navigate to the phone numbers page and click the little gear icon next to a phone number:


In the new dialogue box, click the features tab. You should now see the Caller ID Lookups option:

Simple change that to Enable and any inbound calls to that number will have the caller ID looked up. 

Manually Looking Up a Caller ID

Skyetel also allows you to manually lookup a Caller ID from our Portal.

To get started, navigate to Tools → Caller ID Lookup. From this page, you can put in the 11 digit phone number you want to lookup, and click search:


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