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Bulk Update is a tool that allows wholesale Skyetel customers to do mass updates on all of their phone numbers within our portal. This feature is different from group edit; group edit only supports 100 phone numbers while Bulk Update has no limit on the number of phone numbers you can edit. 

What's Supported

Bulk Update is designed for customers who have a lot of phone numbers on the Skyetel Network. Bulk Updating these features are currently supported:

  • SIP Routing Format
  • IP Groups
  • Tenant Information
  • Description
  • Caller ID Lookups
  • Spam Filtering
  • Forward
  • Failover
  • E911 Addresses
  • LIDB Information
  • Directory Listing Information

Using Bulk Update

The Bulk Update tool allows you to modify features via two complimentary methods. For items where each output is the same for all phone numbers (for example, enabling or disabling Caller ID lookups), you set those configurations via the GUI. However, for items where you want to update each phone number with an unique value (for example, E911 addresses), you will add those settings via the CSV file. 

For example, Let's say you want to update the E911 address on 15,000 phone numbers, and simultaneously enable Caller ID lookups for the same set of numbers. You will upload the phone numbers via the CSV, and edit these fields in the CSV: e911_enabled, e911_state, e911_caller_name, e911_community, e911_address1, e911_postal_code, e911_address2:

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Once you have uploaded the CSV, you will be prompted to made additional edits via the GUI:

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After you have verified all of your configurations and click submit, you will see your job processing in the process list:
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In cases where you only need to modify features not listed in the CSV (things like Spam Filter, Caller ID Lookups, or Descriptions), simply leave those fields blank. Once the CSV is uploaded into the portal, the dialogue box will appear to allow you to make changes via the GUI.

NULL vs Blank Field

When working with the CSV, a blank field does not mean the same thing as a NULL entry. Specifically, when editing your CSV, please note the following:

  • NULL - Clear existing records. (IE - if you want to delete an address, you will need to disable it in the CSV and clear the existing address)
  • Blank Fields - Leave existing records. (IE - you want to leave the field unchanged from how it is currently configured)

Important Caching Notice

The Skyetel portal makes heavy use of in-browser caching for performance. When you use the bulk update tool, we strongly recommend doing a hard refresh on our portal within your browser to insure the portal reflects the changes made by the Bulk Update tool. 

This is an advanced tool

Please be mindful that the Bulk Update tool is an advanced tool, and can cause sweeping damage to your architecture. Skyetel support is not able to reverse any changes you make through the Bulk Update tool - so please make sure you take a backup of your configurations via the Phone Numbers export prior to making any large edits. 


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