Skyetel API


The Skyetel API will allow you to interact with our network programmatically and build a deeper integration into our network than you can with just our GUI.



The Skyetel API is intended for advanced administrators who either have development experience themselves, or have access to others who have their own development experience. Because of this, our support department is only able to provide very limited support with API and development questions. Our development team is not customer facing and is not able to provide any support.


Accessing the API Docs

You can access the API here:

Requesting Additions to the API

The entire Skyetel network is driven by this API, and everything you can do from our portal can be done from our API. If there are additional features or endpoints you would like documented, please let us know by submitting a ticket. However, we are intentionally being selective about what we document in order to not overwhelm our internal development team. Additionally - our development culture is one of rapid release and rapid change. We do not want to release an API endpoint that may be changed in the near future and disrupt your workflows  

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