Forwarding Phone Calls


The Skyetel Network is able to forward calls from one number to another number. This is useful if you need to temporarily take a phone system offline, or in the case of a phone system failure. 

There are two types of Forward, Standard Forward or Failover Forward. 

A Standard Forward always forwards a given number to a different number no matter what settings are applied on the PBX.
A Failover Forward will only forward a number in the case of a phone system being offline. This is great to use as a backup. 

Because Skyetel is receiving and placing a call on your behalf, both legs of the call will be billed to your account (Both the outbound leg and the inbound leg).

Forwarding A Phone Number

To forward a number, login to the Skyetel portal at 

Step 1

Navigate to the phone number you want to forward and click on the settings icon:


Step 2

Click on the Features Tab:


Step 3

From here, you can specify a phone number in either the Forward or Failover field. 

Friendly Reminder: All phone numbers must be 11 digits.


Click Save.


That's it - now your phone number will be forwarded to another number. You can do this for as many numbers as you would like. 

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