Voicemail Transcription


Voicemail Transcription takes the .wav file attached in voicemail notification e-mails, runs it through a speech-to-text engine, and then adds the transcription to the e-mail. 


This process is automatic and requires no configuration other than simply using the transcription SMTP servers. 

SMTP Settings

The voicemail transcription service can be configured using the following SMTP settings:

SMTP Settings
SMTP Server: transcribe.skyetel.com
Ports: 587
TLS: Enabled
From Email: You can use any from e-mail

Your username and password can be found on the Transcription Page (Tools → Voicemail Transcription)


Pro Tip - all of our voicemail emails will come from this IP: It is strongly recommended that you white-list emails coming from that IP on your Spam Filters

Transcription Variable

By default, the transcription engine will simply attach a text file of the transcription to the voicemail. However, the voicemail transcription service will also look for a variable in the body of your voicemail e-mail. If that variable is found, it will replace it with the transcribed text. 

This is the transcription variable:


By using this variable, you can create very nice looking emails. For example, this is what Skyetel's own voicemails look like:


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