SIP Registration


SIP Registration is an authentication technique that allows your PBX to connect to the Skyetel network via a Username and Password instead of using IP Authentication. We recommend using IP Authentication over SIP Registration, but we know there are extenuating circumstances where that is not possible. 

Please read the limitations of SIP Registrations below prior to configuring your PBX.

SIP Registration Servers

SRV Record

If your PBX supports SRV records, we recommend you connect here:

This record will support all of our SIP Registration regions, and will automatically load balance your outbound calls for you.

A Records

If your PBX does not support SRV lookups, we recommend you configure it to register with both of our Regions:

If you need to hide the Skyetel DNS record from your customers/resellers, you may use these DNS records in lieu of the ones above:

These records will work exactly like their counterparts, and point to the same set of IPs. 

SIP Credentials

Screen_Shot_2020-11-06_at_8.56.42_AM.pngYou can view your PBX's SIP Credentials in the new "SIP Credentials" view in the Endpoints section of our portal. From here, you can generate new credentials, modify existing ones, and associate a set of credentials to Tenants.

Creating Credentials


When you create a new set of SIP Credentials, our network will automatically create a Username and Password for you. It is not possible to create custom credentials. In the dialogue, make sure you copy and paste these credentials somewhere safe - it will not be possible to retrieve the Password after this dialogue is closed. 


Associating a set of SIP Credentials to a Tenant will associate all of their Outbound traffic that terminate using this set of credentials. It will not associate Inbound traffic to the Tenant.  In order to associate inbound traffic to a Tenant, you must associate the end user's phone number to the Tenant. You can read more about that here (scroll down to the "Associating a phone number with a Tenant" section).

Call Routing

When you create a set of SIP Credentials, you will need to route your phone numbers to that set of SIP Credentials:


When your route your numbers this way, we will route all inbound calls to that set of SIP Credentials via Round Robin on our two SIP Registration Regions. (Friendly reminder - we recommend that you register to both SIP Registration regions - not just one)

Lets Talk Security

SIP registration is incredibly insecure, and should only be used in circumstances where IP Authentication (the preferred and default authentication method on the Skyetel Network) is impossible. In most PBXs, SIP Credentials are stored in plain text, and if your PBX gets compromised, it is possible for attackers to steal these credentials and use them to gain registration access to your PBX. 

Please note that if your SIP Credentials get compromised, and are used to generate fraudulent traffic, you will still be financially liable for the costs of that traffic - even if it did not originate from your PBX


Channel Limits

The Skyetel SIP Registration gateways enforces a hard limit of 100 concurrent outbound calls per region - meaning you may only process a maximum of 200 outbound channels per SIP credential. It is not possible increase this limit. If you need more channels for your PBX, you will need to switch to IP Authentication.

CPS Limits

Skyetel's SIP Registration servers only support 1 CPS per region - meaning you may only process a maximum of 2 calls per second per SIP credential. It is not possible to increase this limit. 

PBXs Only

It is not possible to configure a desk-phone or smartphone to work with Skyetel's SIP Registration. Skyetel support will not be able to provide any support on getting a Softphone or Desk Phone to work via SIP Registration. 

UDP Only

SIP Registration only supports UDP. 

Port 5060 Only

SIP Registration only supports communication on UDP port 5060.

One PBX per Credential Set

When you register your PBX to the Skyetel Network via SIP Registration, we route based on the IP Address provided to us in the SIP Registration dialogue. Because of this, You can not register more than one PBX to Skyetel at a time using the same set of credentials. Each PBX should use its own set of credentials.

SIP Registration Timeouts

Skyetel's SIP Registration does not accept registration more frequently than 100 seconds, and automatically expires the registration in 300 seconds. Do not set your PBX to register more frequently than 100 seconds - doing so will cause your PBX to be blocked by our network.

You will see a 429 - Too Many Requests error when this occurs.

Endpoint Alerting is Unsupported

Due to the nature of SIP Registration Timeouts, Skyetel does not support endpoint alerts for PBXs registered via SIP Registration. 


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