Getting Started with SkyeFax


SkyeFax is a Skyetel-engineered, fully reimagined, Fax system that insures exceptionally high deliverability while simultaneously being extremely fast. SkyeFax works by introducing a caching layer between your ATA and the PSTN in addition to retrying your delivery up to 9 times using different codecs, baud rates, and T38 error correction settings. 

Enabling SkyeFax

To enable SkyeFax, simply navigate to your phone number and adjust the Call Routing to "SkyeFax:"


Once you configure your phone number to use SkyeFax, you can either send inbound faxes by email, or you can deliver them to your ATA. 

SMTP Configuration

There are no default defined SMTP settings for your account. This is required for email delivery of the SkyeFaxes. If you do not specify SMTP settings in our portal, we will not be able to deliver faxes.
You can set this up by logging into your Skyetel Portal and clicking the Settings gears in the top right inline1535828219.png

and then defining your SMTP parameters:


Please note - Skyetel Support is not able to help troubleshoot SMTP configuration problems, and we strongly recommend against using Google or Office365 for SMTP delivery. We recommend Sendgrid, Mailgun or Mandrill as reliable alternatives (we use Sendgrid ourselves) 



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