SkyeFax HTTPS ATA - Bridge Mode Configuration


The SkyeFax ATA is a device made by Audiocodes that uses HTTPS to connect to our servers. The ATA is configured by default to solely connect your fax device to the Internet. This configuration enables only the Ethernet WAN port of your ATA. If your use case requires the pass-through, or bridging, of the Ethernet LAN port to the WAN port, then this guide will provide the steps for manually configuring this change.  


Enable Bridge Mode

1. Connect your SkyeFax ATA WAN port to your network and scan for its assigned IP.

2. Use a web browser to login to your SkyeFax ATA:

default user: admin

default pw: admin

Adjust above login to your credentials if modified.

3. After successfully logging in, navigate to Network Connections and select New Connection:


4. Select Advanced Connection and click Next:


5. Click Network Bridging and click Next:


6. Check LAN Ethernet and make sure WAN Ethernet is checked, and click Next:


7. Click Finish.


8. You may now connect the Ethernet to the LAN port instead of the WAN port.

9. The IP address will change but you may verify that the MAC Address is the same as that listed on the back of your SkyeFax ATA.

10. You may now connect the copier to the WAN port.


We thank our user Alan for the contribution of this guide!

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