Fax Portal


In order to create a Fax Portal, you first must enable the Tenant Portal. You can read about that here:

Once you have created your Tenant Portal, follow these steps to make a Tenant User that is able to only access the Fax features on their account. 

Create User and Assign Permissions

Navigate to Tenants -> Users:


Once here, click Add Tenant User:


Now, you have to complete the user information and assign permissions only for the Fax features:


Lastly, simply add the fax numbers that this Tenant User should have access to:


If you don't see any phone numbers to select from, compare your DID configuration to the example below:


That's It!

Now that you have created this user, they are able to sign into your Tenant Portal and send/receive faxes only on the number(s) that you specify. 

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