The SkyeFax ATA is a device made by Audiocodes that uses HTTPS to connect to our servers instead of T.38. Using HTTPS allows for a dramatic increase in fax deliverability and does not rely on the SIP protocol whatsoever. These ATAs have been in use for many years, and have a rock solid reputation for reliability and are a staple in the fax industry. You probably recognize it: 


You can buy the SkyeFax HTTPS ATA Here.

Configuring The ATA

Adding the ATA to SkyeFax

Please note, if you intend to migrate a HTTPS ATA from another carrier, you must do the following before proceeding with any other steps:

  • Open a support ticket with Skyetel's Support Team.
  • Provide your HTTPS ATA(s) serial number and MAC address. Additionally a picture of the ATA label may be helpful.
  • Provide proof of release from the current HTTPS ATA carrier. A screenshot of the approval email, support ticket, or other approval correspondence must be provided.


Once you have received your SkyeFax HTTPS ATA, you need to add it to the HTTPS system in SkyeFax. Make sure your HTTPS ATA is powered off during this process, otherwise it can take up to an hour for the device to connect to our network.

To add it to our network, Navigate to SkyeFax -> HTTPS ATAs:


Then click Add ATA. Once you do, you'll see this dialogue: 


Fill in that information, and click Add. You will now see your ATA in the list:


Next, we'll need to route phone numbers to it. 


Adding Phone Numbers To HTTPS ATA

Once you have added the ATA to SkyeFax, you'll need to point a number to it. Note this is required for any successful faxing, either Inbound or Outbound via your HTTPS ATA.

Make sure your HTTPS ATA is powered off during this process, otherwise it can take up to an hour for the device to connect to our network.

First, navigate to the phone numbers section and find the number you want to associate with the ATA. Once you do, specify the Call Routing to go to SkyeFax, to use the HTTPS ATA, and then select which port you want to use:


Now that you have done this, you will see that the port has been assigned to a phone number:


Now that this is done, you can power on the ATA. It will take about 5 minutes for it to download its configurations and be ready to deploy into production.

Deleting an ATA

Once you have configured an ATA for Skyetel, it is locked to your account with AudioCodes. Because of this, a Skyetel engineer must manually delete your ATA via a support request. Therefore, if you need to remove an ATA from your account, please put in a ticket and we'll remove it for you.

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