FreePBX 13+ with SIP Registration

Getting Started

We thank Jared Busch from Bundy and Associates for writing this guide.

Note: All screenshots from FreePBX 15, current as of November 11, 2020. Your specific screens may vary.

Step 1 - Click on Connectivity then Trunks:


Step 2 - Click on Add Trunk and then Add SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk:


Step 3 - On the General tab, give the trunk a name and specify the outbound CID to use if a call makes it to here without an external CID.

blobid28.pngPlease note - Without very specific reasons, you should never be using the manipulation rules on the trunk level. Leave this blank.

Step 4 - PJSIP Settings, General sub tab, fill it out appropriately.

  • Username: Username from Skyetel SIP credential setup
  • Secret: Password from Skyetel SIP credential setup
  • Authentication: Outbound
  • Registration: Send
  • Language Code: Default
  • SIP Server:
  • SIP Server Port: 5060
  • Context: from-pstn-e164-us
    • Note about the context used: from-pstn is "normal", but as you can see, I changed this to from-pstn-e164-us. If you do this, you also need to set the SIP Format of the phone numbers that will come in to this trunk to use +1NPANXXXXXX in the Skyetel Portal.




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