Route Phone Numbers to an IP Group

We thank Jared Busch from Bundy and Associates for writing this guide.


Now that you have an IP Group and Endpoint setup, you can configure your phone number(s) to route to your IP Group so that calls will be delivered to your PBX.

Setup a number to route to your PBX

  1. Expand Phone Numbers
  2. Click on either Local Numbers or Toll Free Numbers depending on what type of number you bought or ported in.
    • You will see a list of the phone numbers of that type that you own through Skyetel.
  3. Click on the gear to the far right to edit the number


Number Editing

  • There are up to 6 tabs of information you need to edit for each number, depending on what feature you need or want for a number. This guide will only be covering the General tab.


The General tab is where you choose how a number routes and what you want it to do in a failure to route to that selection.


  1. Phone Number is obvious, and not editable. This is the phone number you are editing.mceclip3.png
  2. SIP Format is the way that Skyetel will deliver calls to this number, to your PBX.
    • By default Skyetel uses an 11 digit number format familiar to people in North America. This is called the NANPA or NANP format. I always recommend to change this to the 164 format as it is an international standard, either format can work for FreePBX.
    • This guide and others related to FreePBX will assume the E.164 format.mceclip4.png
  3. Call Routing is where you choose your normal destination for calls. In most cases, you will be using IP Group.
    • There are use cases for the other options, but those are not covered in this guide.2022-10-17_16_57_46-Local_Phone_Numbers_-_Skyetel___Mozilla_Firefox.png
  4. Once you select IP Group in Call Routing you get two new options inserted before Call Failure Routing.2022-10-17_17_05_14-Local_Phone_Numbers_-_Skyetel___Mozilla_Firefox.png
  5. IP Group is here you select the IP Group you previously created.
    • This screenshot has other Groups (obfuscated), you should only have the one at this point, Select it.2022-10-17_17_07_39-Local_Phone_Numbers_-_Skyetel___Mozilla_Firefox.png
  6. IP Choice will not be used by most users as they only have one IP in their IP Group.
    • But if you have more than one, you can chose how this number chooses one. The default is By priority, and the priority is set in the IP Group.2022-10-17_17_09_55-Local_Phone_Numbers_-_Skyetel___Mozilla_Firefox.png
  7. Call Failure Routing is what you want to happen to the call is Skyetel cannot reach your PBX. Leave it at the default until you go read the guide on this feature.mceclip9.png
  8. Tenant is an advanced need. If you have these set up, then you would select it here.mceclip10.png
  9. Description is useful when you have a lot of phone numbers. It lets you know at a glance what the purpose of that number is. If you only have one or two numbers, it is less important.mceclip11.png
  10. Click Save and the number will begin routing to your PBX. Typically within seconds, but it can take up to a minute to fully propagate.


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